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Spatial Tools and Climate Services of the WAT4CAM Program

Phnom Penh


The Outputs of the Assignment will include, but are not limited to: 

1. Outline the status of the National Data Center (NDC), Water Resources Information System WRIS, the radar installation repairs, and update the assessment of the availability, quality and accessibility of the input data required for the WCIS. 

2. Install and operationalize any necessary additional field equipment. 

3. Specify, and support the installation of servers and workstations to be purchased by the WAT4CAM Program. 

4. Supply and install a WCIS with the Modules and Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs): testing, and commissioning over at least a full wet season, with troubleshooting support. 

5. Determine the O&M and M&E procedures required to maintain the system. 

6. Train of end-user staff in all aspects of operating and maintaining the WCIS. 

7. Design and execute a Communications Plan, and associated media presentations and print materials highlighting the benefits and successes of the WCIS.

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