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Team members

Team Leader of Sub-Component 3.1

Mr. Anthony Green

Deputy Team Leader of Sub-Component 3.1

Mr. Toch Bonvongsar

Team Leader of Sub-Component 3.2

Mr. Blaise DHONT

Deputy Team Leader of Sub-Component 3.2

Mr. Sophak SENG


COMPONENT 3: Support to water resources monitoring & management_ TA-IWRM A technical assistance teams are being recruited to implement this component, which will provide specific modelling studies, capacity building to MoWRAM on Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) processes, river basins planning and management, spatial hydrology and climatic services. The component will support the following activities, which will be subdivided in various packages. 

■ Specific modelling studies for better understanding of the two main hydrological and hydraulic systems concerned by the program: The Tonle Sap/Mekong system -around the Tonle Sap Lake and directly linked to the Mekong river- and the Upper Mekong delta (provinces of Kandal, Takeo, and Prey Veng with possible extension to Kampong Cham)

■ Implementation of tool based on radar satellite technologies for monitoring water resources by a systematic and dynamic mapping of the significant water bodies over the whole territory

■ Update and improve the river basin planning and management program for the Stung Sen River Basin and prepare the Stung Sangkae River Basin planning and management program (Kanghot irrigation system)

■ Support MoWRAM for building the national IWRM process on the basis of the sub-basins

■ IWRM experiences implemented around the Tonle Sap through capitalization, upscaling of the process to implement IWRM at Tonle Sap level, formulation of national guidelines on the basis of the Tonle Sap experiences

■ Development of climate services.

There are four sub-components as follow:

Sub-component 3.1: Mekong Bassac Hydrological and Hydraulic Study

Sub-component 3.2: Intergrated Water Resources Managment (IWRM)

Sub-component 3.3: Spartial tools and climate services

Sub-component 3.4: Support innovative framing practices and rice value chain