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Yos Seilaroath


COMPONENT 2 : Improvement of irrigation management_ TA-ISWM Component 2 targets the consolidation and extension of knowledge and management tools and the application of good governance principles for the sustainable management of Irrigation and Drainage Systems (IDSs).  The Component is considered to consist of primarily a capacity building function. A Consultant (TA-ISWM) has been recruited to assist MoWRAM in implementation of this Component 2. TA-ISWM is responsible for activities related to:

■ Finalization of the necessary legislative acts (Prakas) required for the implementation of the sub-decree on Farmer Water User Communities _FWUCs.

■ Improvement of the transfer of responsibilities from MoWRAM to the FWUCs through capacity building to MoWRAM and to PDoWRAM, based on methodologies developed under previous and ongoing AFD projects.

■ Retrofitting and institutionalization of CISIS as an efficient decision-making tool for the rehabilitation and maintenance of irrigation systems.

■ Support to implementation of the O&M Fund and FWUC support fund guidelines.

■ Coordination within MoWRAM and consolidation of the sectorial dialogue, including by a better coordination with MAFF through the Technical Working Group for Agriculture and Water (TWGAW) and sub-group on sustainable irrigation management.

■ Promotion of gender sensitivity and gender empowerment in water governance, agriculture, and climate change adaptation. The FWUC support program should consider special training activities for women in order to improve their capacities, experience, and skills in the irrigation sector.

■ Support the establishment of water sharing rules within large irrigation and large reservoirs; and in particular the Kanghot scheme. A methodology will be developed on how reservoirs and large-scale irrigation schemes may be managed.

■ Creation/strengthening of FWUCs of all subprojects.

■ Support for Farmer-Water Net (FWN) on elaboration and implementation of the bi-partite agreement between MoWRAM and FWN, support for FWN members and support for nationwide FWUC inventory.

There are three sub-components as follow:

Sub-component 2.1: Capacity building to MoWRAM and PDoWRAM

Sub-component 2.2: Creation and capacity building of FWUC

Sub-component 2.3: Strengthening of Farmer Water Net (FWN)