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COMPONENT 1: Rehabilitation and completion of irrigation and drainage infrastructures _TA-INFRA Component 1 of the WAT4CAM Phase 1 aims at supporting rehabilitation, development and modernization of 7 to 13 irrigation schemes and 20 to 40 preks to improve the reliability of water supplies on 15,000 to 20,000 ha. The works will consist of:

■ Restoring or improving capacity of existing small and medium reservoirs by conducting works related to dam safety and repairs including (i) embankment repairs and (ii) spillway repairs.

■ Improving existing canals/Preks capacity (cross section), strengthening and protecting canal banks and removing backlog of sediment deposited in the main and distributary canals.

■ Increasing the capacity of drainage works to improve the resilience of the systems to cope with climate change (heavy rains). 

■ Developing canal/Preks network infrastructure within selected units through provision of new secondary and tertiary canals, pipe culverts, field outlets as well as reform of existing channel sections.

■ Improving the control of water along the main and distributary canals through provision of cross regulators and gated outlets to distributary and minor canals.